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MRO Brazil 2022 was a success.

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Brazil is home to the fourth largest aircraft maintenance park in the world, with more than 2000 companies directly or indirectly linked to the sector. Because of this figure, we decided to launch the first Brazilian fair for the sector, following the example of what happens in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Despite all the difficulties faced, MRO Brazil 2022 was an unprecedented success. In the evaluation reports, sent to all our exhibitors, 100% declare themselves satisfied or very satisfied with the deals closed at the fair. Identical feedback we received from our visitors.

Among the flaws mentioned in the reports, almost all pointed out: parking, food court, restrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and adequate infrastructure at the event location.

Due to this information, immediately after tabulating these observations, we began visits to all the main event centers in São Paulo.

The essential requirements for the definition of our new headquarters should include an infrastructure capable of offering a total solution to the problems pointed out, strategic location, comfort and absolute cordiality for our exhibitors and their guests, in addition to spaces available to house the growth of our fair in the next 5 years.

Within the required parameters, we defined the Frei Caneca Convention Center as ideal to host future editions of MRO Brazil. Among the reasons that guided our decision we highlight:

· Privileged location, in the geographic center of São Paulo, 800 meters from Paulista Ave.;
· Private parking lot with 1200 covered spaces, served by elevators connected directly to the event;
· Surrounding hotel network, with 53 hotels and 24,000 beds;
· Food court with 20 options and capacity for 1400 people;
· Restaurants: 04 options and capacity for 610 people;
· Ambulance and nursing station;
· 08 lifts for 19 people each, totaling a flow of 152 people per climb. All in one place;
· 04 freight elevators, 02 of which are large, with the capacity to transport a medium-sized car;
· 10,500 m² of total exhibition area to house the future growth of MRO Brazil;
· Ceiling height of 4.40m;
· Escalators that give access from the ground floor to the event area and food courts;
· Banks, and foreign money exchange offices;
· Back up power generator with 1950 KVA

With all these resources, we are sure to serve our national and international exhibitors and visitors, with the efficiency and sophistication of a Convention Center of international level.

Hope to count on your participation in MRO Brazil 2023

Decio Corrêa – President

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